Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Line in the Sand: The Consequences of Illegal Immigration into the USA

An interesting and obscure documentary:

The Line in the Sand
The Line in the Sand is a documentary film produced by October Sun Films and directed by Byron Jost. The film, released in August 2005, deals with issues such as illegal immigration, security on the United States' southern border with Mexico and the Minuteman Project. You will see up close the devastation of the environment and the effects of looking the other way as violent criminal aliens bring their gangs, cartels and smuggling operations into the heartland of the US. You see the dark side of die-versity as it rears its dark face. The film features activists Glenn Spencer, Chris Simcox, Cindy & Ed Kolb, John Petrello, Kevin B. MacDonald, Jim Gilchrist, Tom Tancredo, Wes Bramhall and many others.
That die-versity pun is pretty cringy. But this is a decent documentary that seems to have been scrubbed off the internet with the sole exception of It's not even on IMDB. Of special note is a nice (though poorly presented) demonstration of La Raza rhetoric, a very brief explanation of immigration history from 1924-1965 and the Jewish role in immigration from Dr. MacDonald, as well as some rare footage of a few amusing protests and one of the most horrendous examples of illegal immigrants littering that you won't ever see on TV news. Plenty of human feces and footage of trash strewn so thoroughly you can't even see the ground. Basically it looks like California.