Friday, January 29, 2021

The Tribalism of Naked Mole Rats



The wonder that is the naked mole rat just delivered yet another zinger. The bizarre, eternally youthful, xenophobic little animals live in colonies – and it turns out each colony has its own language, a team led by molecular biologist Gary Lewin at Berlin’s Max Delbrück Center For Molecular Medicine reported in Science on Thursday.

Moreover, it seems that among her other duties, each colony’s queen is responsible for preserving the exclusive dialect. When she dies, anarchy ensues, including in their vocalizations. Dialect integrity is only restored with the advent of a new monarch.

Yes, the naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber) is a communicative little beastie, emitting a wide range of sounds. You can hear them vocalizing – chirping, squeaking, twittering or even grunting – if you can bear to observe them closely near their subterranean nest.

It's Ironic that Haaretz, a Jewish media outlet, would report on the tribalistic tendencies of the naked mole rat, when it is the proclivity of the Jew to promote multiculturalism and multiracialism in the human species. The queen of these mole rats serves as an authority figure that maintains not only order, but also the integrity of the tribe's dialect, whereas we're expected to dwell in chaos and anarcho-tyranny or we're branded as racists, anti-semites, xenophobes, and whatever other epithets are in vogue.

Before we get to how the researchers deduced and proved the thesis of the Tower of Naked Mole Rat Babel: why would naked mole rats develop a colony-specific form of communication?

Naked mole rats are a xenophobic bunch who react negatively to “foreign” naked mole rats (i.e., from other colonies). The team suggests that the development of colony-specific dialect strengthens cohesion and the sense of belonging among the naked mole rats of the specific colony. These may number up to a few hundred individuals, consisting of the one queen – the only one to procreate – and male and female subjects.

For some reason it's okay for mole rats to be xenophobic, and no one is bothered by it in the slightest, but it feels like a sin above murder for a human to be xenophobic, if you look hard enough. Hollywood and the media is sympathetic (especially if they're black or check off some of the progressive stack boxes) to the career criminal, the murderer, and there is the desire to reintegrate them into society. In contrast, non-political racists and political dissidents, racist or otherwise, can be censored, banned from social media, payment processors, bank accounts, and even have their website's domain pulled, like the Daily Stormer. Not to mention, eternally being slandered by the media outlets. It might not be illegal, and you won't do time for wrong-think, unless they can get you on some trumped-up bullshit charge and give you a stiffer penalty because they found "hate speech" on your Twitter or your politics don't line up or they find a confederate flag or Nazi memorabilia in your home. A Susan Rosenberg, Donna Hylton, or Bill Ayers will always maintain a more privileged position in society and will not be censured or suppressed in the way that some poor, mentally-ill schmuck that the FBI coerced into bombing a synagogue would, or someone who posted anti-semitic memes on the internet and got doxxed would.

No one hates the mole rat. Everyone, including the Jews, would no doubt want to maintain the habitat of the naked mole rat tribes and not force them to mix, nor are the mole rats unlucky enough to experience their own small hat revolution from a tiny minority of mole rats that want to play all the different tribes against each other and mix them up. Scientists and environmentalists are much more compassionate when it comes to the needs of the "lesser" animals, but they care nothing for the needs of humans or the preservation of civilizations, communities, races, and ethnicities.  

The majority of these adjacent mole rat tribes look the same and are probably genetically indistinguishable from one another, but the dialect is enough to keep them apart. The differences of human populations are much greater than what we see in two neighboring mole rat tribes, but the more complex thoughts and needs of the humans that make up these populations are rendered much less important than the needs of Jews, globalists, and moneyed-elites.

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