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Does Jean-Claude Juncker Dream of Electric Aliens?

Jean-Claude Juncker 

As part of the articles I'm writing on UFOs and aliens, I've been researching prominent figures in military and politics who appear to be espousing the idea that aliens are among us and we are in contact with them. I felt this segment was unnecessary to include in the main article, so I'm publishing it as a standalone. 

Jean-Claude Juncker was the president of the European Commission—the executive branch of the European Union—from 2014-2019.

In a June 28, 2016 speech Juncker delivered to the plenary session of the European Parliament on the result of the Brexit referendum in the UK, there was a segment where he appeared to be speaking of being in contact with rulers of alien planets.

Transcript: You should know that those who observe us from afar are concerned. I have met and listened to several leaders of other planets. They are very worried because they ask questions about the path the European Union will pursue. We should therefore reassure the Europeans and those who observe us from far away.

Juncker is old, but he was only 61 in 2016 and seemed reasonably competent—certainly more so than Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, or some other high-profile American politicians, all of whom come across as senile at best and dementia patients at worst. Juncker does have a reputation as an alcoholic, which could contribute to some odd behavior. Otherwise, is it possible he misspoke or had something of a senior moment? 

There aren't really any big publications that commented on the incident. The most recognizable would probably be the Irish Mirror, which is considered a tabloid—a word carrying quite a stigma, but it doesn't mean the reportage can't be true. New York Post and the Daily Mirror have actually published a lot of very accurate stories.

There aren't even a bunch of "debunkers" saying it's fake. There's simply very little information on the event beyond the video.

If the translation is accurate, the EU website editors took the route of mistranslating the passage to obscure what Juncker was saying.
Make no mistake, those who are watching us from afar are concerned. I have met and listened to several leaders. They are very worried because they are wondering about the course the European Union will take. So we must reassure Europeans and those who are watching us from further away.
What left me immediately suspicious of the "alien" speech is the original source of the video's translation appeared to be Mars Moon Space TV/SpaceLinkTv, according to secureteam10, who also uploaded the video—both uploads are from July of 2016. I'm not very familiar with the former, but the latter is a YouTuber, known for rather sensationalistic coverage of UFOs, and he has faked content before.

Of course, that doesn't mean the "less authoritative" source is the wrong one.

The earliest source with a translation for the incident that I could find was from a small channel by the name of Sabeuze on June 29, 2016, just a day after Juncker gave the speech. The translation (I'm not familiar enough with Youtube's closed captions to know whether or not the uploader was responsible for the translation or if it was Youtube's automated captions) is different from Mars Moon Space TV's, but the meaning of the words are exactly the same.

Alleged French speakers on Youtube videos and others sources almost universally claim that the French spoken by Juncker accurately translates into his speech referencing aliens. Unfortunately, I don't speak French.

A French user of The Daily Stormer supplied a French transcript of the passage in question from Juncker's speech next to his own English translation:
Here’s what he said:
Il faut savoir que ceux qui nous observent de loin, sont inquiets. J’ai vue et entendue et écouté plusieurs des dirigeants d’autres planètes. Ils sont très inquiets parce qu’ils s’interrogent sur la voie que l’union européenne vas poursuivre. Donc il faut rassurer et les européens et ceux qui nous observent de plus loin.
This is the direct translation:
You should know that those who observe us from afar, are worried. I have seen and heard and listened to several leaders of other planets. They are very worried because they’re wondering which way the European Union is going. So we have to reassure both the Europeans and those who observe us from further away.
I listened carefully to Juncker's actual words, and the French transcript is accurate. When machine translated in Google Translate, my results were identical in meaning:
You should know that those who observe us from afar are worried. I have seen and heard and listened to many of the rulers of other planets. They are very worried because they are wondering what path the European Union will pursue. So we have to reassure both Europeans and those who are watching us from further afield.
While I would love to be able to confirm the accuracy myself with my own French or consult a French speaker I trust, I think it's safe to say, based on a majority of French speakers saying it is accurate, as well as multiple translations from various sources, that Juncker did mention speaking with several leaders from other planets. Plus, the media either kept mum or accepted that Juncker said this without the slightest kerfuffle—the only minor point of dispute is the EU website's translation, which is inaccurate. 

Then the question remains as to whether Juncker meant what he said, misspoke, or meant what he said and misspoke.

What he said seemed far too dry and humorless to be a joke, and he was speaking in an atmosphere of deadly seriousness.

If Juncker had made the alien comment in recent years, I would think he's probably being genuine, but he said that in 2016. Senator Marco Rubio somewhat jokingly entertained the possibility of aliens being smarter than us if they had the wherewithal to get here while we can't get to wherever they live (to be clear, I don't believe Rubio necessarily thinks aliens are responsible for the UFO incidents). Haim Eshed, a retired Israeli military general claimed last year that Tel Aviv and Washington had made contact with a "Galactic Federation" of extraterrestrials. Both of those comments came well after Juncker's comments, so he's not "in the moment," like these other two figures. Juncker was also not being interviewed about aliens and the passage concerning aliens was quite short and seems somewhat off the cuff or ineptly improvised.

The jokey nature of Rubio about aliens—and other figures taking the issue of UFOs seriously—compared to Eshed indicates that UFOs are getting recognition by world governments, especially the U.S., but leading figures are mostly hesitant to talk about aliens definitely being the source of the UFOs just yet. Eshed is retired and 87 years old, so there really aren't any repercussions for him.

Taking a soft approach to aliens being the source of UFOs or hinting at the possibility has become more common, even with high-profile figures, however, including former President Barack Obama and former CIA Chief John Brennan. Though none that I've seen have taken on the upfront hardcore approach of Eshed. 

But UFOs are indeed being mainstreamed. The U.S. government's usual stance was to avoid acknowledging much of what was going on to the public, other than various reports on the Roswell incident. That's now changing with the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) having been founded in 2020 to investigate UFOs. This time with some degree of transparency, unlike previous projects with similar goals. 

Juncker's statement is actually somewhat reminiscent of Eshed's, however. Since the speech was about the UK attempting to leave the EU, there's this idea of not only world leaders but also alien leaders being dismayed by what is happening. One should probably be asking why the hell aliens would care if the UK leaves the EU. That's a good question... 

There is speculation that the government could hoax the existence of aliens, so these "superior beings" can have a moderating influence on the public. An example would be Project Blue Beam—in Serge Monast's Project Blue Beam (NASA), he proposed that NASA would collude with the rest of the U.S. government and the United Nations to use holographic projections to start a new age religion to usher in the Antichrist and a New World Order (NWO). Monast went beyond just proposing this might be done and claimed he had proof of a conspiracy of this nature, but he never presented any proof, so he wasn't credible, but the idea of hoaxing an event like this for an NWO does seem plausible.

It needn't be the Antichrist or something that is a true inversion of Christ, but aliens could easily be used to supplant Christ or the Antichrist (maybe there's not really a difference...).

On June 3, 2021, former President Barack Obama made several statements about aliens:
Speaking with Ezra Klein on The Ezra Klein Show, the 44th president was confronted with a potential scenario in which humans had verified that alien life was probing the earth, but as of yet had no way of making contact with the mysterious beings.

Mr Obama replied that his overall political viewpoints would likely not differ, while predicting that many people around the world would see their own philosophies challenged and a whole host of new discussions would arise.

“It’s interesting. It wouldn’t change my politics at all. Because my entire politics is premised on the fact that we are these tiny organisms on this little speck floating in the middle of space,” said Mr Obama.

“But no doubt there would be immediate arguments about like, well, we need to spend a lot more money on weapons systems to defend ourselves. New religions would pop up,” the former president continued. “And who knows what kind of arguments we get into. We’re good at manufacturing arguments for each other.”
Obama is suggesting the threat presented by UFOs—perhaps with or without aliens and alien technology—could lead to the ramping up of the military-industrial complex. No surprise there, but the notion of new religions forming is the far more insidious one. What does Obama mean? Openly, he's probably suggesting random people will form cults or religious groups centered around aliens, yet these could just as easily be a government-backed. 

The government already funds terrorist outfits in the Middle East through proxies, and the CIA backed the Falun Gong and Dalai Lama.  These people will back virtually anything if it conforms to their interests.

Atheism and science already take on a religious quality at times.
Science is so often dictated by the elite donor class and politics and has been perverted from once noble intentions into a sort of secular religion known as Scientism—it's as dogmatic as any religion, only bereft of anything good, true, or beautiful. 

Scientism is woke, ultra-liberal, atheist, anti-traditional, responsible for propping up bad science on a regular basis, and suppressing science that goes against the orthodoxy of the elite.  

With the aid of the media, Scientism has become quite strong, and, perhaps, one could say Anthony Fauci was a sort of "Technopriest" before his emails were leaked to the public. Though I imagine he will weather the storm, either way.

Even many people who aren't religious feel like there is something lacking in our society, though "trusting the science" might provide them with some superficial meaning. For example, the ridiculous mask-wearing and other rituals that began with the so-called Covid-19 pandemic. Even with close to half the country vaccinated and mask mandates variably being lifted, there are vaccinated liberals who STILL opt to wear their mask to virtue signal and show they're not knuckle-dragging conservatives. 

The Covid-19 vaccines are being compared to the mark of the beast, and... it makes a lot of sense. For those wanting to mock such a reference because it comes from an ancient text that can't be verified, it really doesn't matter if the bible is correct or has predictive power—life often imitates art. While I doubt many of these influencers are true satanists in the Aquino or LaVey mold, satanic imagery and references have become pervasive in pop culture. Christianity became demeaned and watered down in the U.S., and the satanic posturing that arose was meant as an affront to any shred of tradition remaining. 

Wokeness and scientism reign supreme, and satanism will be employed to mock anyone so bold as to still be Christian. The old religion is out, and the new one is in. The new religion is materialistic—there is nothing spiritual about it, so why not worship super-intelligent aliens who will unite us into an NWO? 

Of course, that's all hypothetical. I think it's entirely possible that the ruling elites will find aliens are too hokey, and they will stick to using alleged or actual UFOs to create false flags and blame the attacks on Russia or China, but utilizing aliens remains a distinct possibility. 

Back to Juncker. It appears he did talk about aliens in his speech, but did he misspeak? 

A Youtube commenter said, "So he mixed up the words. Big deal. Try speaking four languages without making a mistake, especially bearing so much responsibility. Most people would freeze being exposed to speaking at a crowd." 

Yeah, fair enough. 

I personally think he just misspoke and the alcohol isn't doing him any favors. His reference is also not well-timed and was covered up by the EU, so it wasn't meant for public consumption; this is not to say that they altered the text because the information was accurate and not meant to be leaked—the most likely reality is the EU was simply embarrassed by the gaffe. In conclusion, It's an interesting segment from a high-profile bureaucrat, but, unfortunately, I don't think there's any real substance here.

To conclude, I will reiterate what should be seen as the primary potentialities resulting from the UFO/alien question:
  • UFOs will be used as false flags to blame China, Russia or whoever else.
  • UFOs and/or the suggestion of alien technology will be used to further the aims of the military-indestrial complex.
  • An alien hoax will be implemented as part of a cult/religion and the establishment of an NWO for the management of the herd.
All or none of these points may result from the UFO/alien question. There is a very strong possibility that the second point will be accurate. The first also seems likely, and it would coincide well with foreign policy ambitions. The third would be the most complicated to pull off, so if it happens, it will probably be many years or decades from now. 

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